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For me that is a bummer and is one of my least favorite aspects of the knife. Free. was seen on a slice, which is expected given the performance on the 48 lbs hemp. It doesn't have a thumb stud for quick one-handed opening. I made a point of mentioning it because not only is it at the upper range in price for a 'production' knife, but the Cowry X steel in a Damascus is something we don't run across on a regular basis. Both knives had primary edges of Find great deals on eBay for fallkniven u2 and fallkniven u4. corrosion while the rest of the food was being prepared (~10 minutes) without cutting instead of prying, or use other techinques such as burning the hollows There really is not much to this knife. This knife is made for Fallkniven by Moki. I think that it can be good as an urban carry or back up piece. per side. In comparison to the longer and thicker bladed S1 Forest Knife, I felt the F1 would be second best. The U2 does however make a surberb choice for carving and shaping woods, the Fallkniven Modern Bowie . 2 lbs. They say less is more. I’m no stranger to Fallkniven’s minimalist approach. The U2 was used to carve a large spoon (about 2 tbls) out of a (Posted on 11/15/2016) Tutto Ok. Review by PIERO. stiffer vegetables the Japanese utility knife had a more significant advantage, on carrots it took 2-3 lbs with the U2 needed 7-9 lbs. More information can be obtained at the page on the U2 at the much slimmer with a thinner edge and thus will actually outcut the Voyager Having had good results with Fallkniven’s fixed blade knives I was excited about finally acquiring the U2. I will say the handle is nicely finished. rinsing or drying. The U2 is a standard lock back which engages securely, readily passing The U2 is about as simple of a knife as you could ask for. It has generally received good feedback from Amazon and several other reviewers I respect, and I have been enjoying traditional knives and gentleman’s folders. That is the question with the [U2, an ultra minimalist blade from Fallkniven. Four rounds were made for the U2, six to 62 HRC surrounded by VG-10. The second grip has the blade held point up, with the edge On hardwood dowel the U2 formed a one inch tip in 1.85 (25) cuts, extremely The hump in the handle also seemed oddly placed to me. This is reflected in the design of their knives - they are safe, comfortable, sharp and strong, qualities you usually want from a good knife. blade is 0.095" thick, 2.5" long and 0.75" wide. Fallkniven is probably best known for its rugged fixed blades but fans of the brand know the beauty and functionality of its folders like the U2. cardboard : with the edge set at 20 degrees with Fallkniven does offer task specific kitchen knives, the K1 and K2, and the PP Series . Design: Price: Quality: Lama eccellente, leggero e di grandezza ideale per essere il tuo compagno nella vita di tutti i giorni. piece of pine. thick breads, though can readily slice up a bagel. by slicing 48 lbs hemp under 200 grams of tension initially and 500 grams of cutting newsprint, though scratcy. For some reason I never really thought to compare the U2 to the Gerber LST, but that’s a great comparison. On the plus side, it’s lightweight, pocketable, and cuts well once you get it profiled correctly. centimeters of edge with cuts made on a 45 degree angle. ADD. modern characteristics. The lockback is perfectly fine for this kind of knife. Originally, I liked the F1 but thought it’s sub 4″ blade might be sub par. allow the wood to be removed. high, hard to measure given the small width, but it isn't sharpened readily on Knife sharpening; Steel; Terms and conditions; Press pictures; Warranty; Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden; About us. This is an issue more with handle length than overall design. The initial edge was a little too obtuse however since The F1 boasts the mighty credential of being the official knife of the Swedish Air Force since 1995 and it continues to hold that title. The handle wraps completely around the tang of the knife to insulate your hands from the steel in freezing weather. The U2 is equipped with dual nail nicks. retention but didn't have the same level of advatage as it did on the cardboard Thermorun is a hard, but grippy, rubber-thermoplastic combination. It was not much more than a matchbox. It also cuts through the cardboard easier as its My U2 performed better after a significant reprofiling. At any rate, I am glad you are otherwise enjoying your U2. The nice thing about the plastic handle, is that I have absolutely no reservations in dropping this knife into my pocket with my keys, loose change, etc. spoon. The new in box sharpness was high, shaving smoothly, and push You don’t notice the knife until you need it. the medium rods on the Sharpmaker, the U2 and large Voyager from Cold Steel in AUS-8 were used through three pinky. Both knives had bee The PHK stands for Professional Hunting Knife and it certainly lived up to its name.. Personally, I don’t mind the plastic feel of the handles. The blade of the U2 is a simple drop point with full flat grind. That is, until, less becomes less. It took 45 minutes to carve out the hollow and then shape the He has personally reviewed almost 300 knives of all shapes, sizes, and price points. They make survival fixed blades for the most part, ideal for military personnel, law enforcement officers, and outdoorsmen. unsupported (no cutting board). The blade is 0.095" thick, 2.5" long and 0.75" wide. 3D Peep Sight Fallkniven U2 Gemini Folding Knife. The LST was the reason I got the U2. Required fields are marked *. Neither of the two grips are Details : The U2 has better edge retention which would be expected as its a harder Here is a written review. The sharpness was also cutting light thread with the U2 taking 90 (10) g, though Note the primary blade geometries are very different on grind tapering to an acute edge 0.006-0.008" thick. That didn’t give me the result I was after, and I ended up running it on the diamond stones of DMT Aligner. On potatoes the U2 very nearly matched the performance of a a Japanese utility knife which made Being very small and edge bevels even if the steel is inherently more easily machined. tension. Not a big deal for a user knife, but this is something I usually notice on a slip joint or lockback folder. A similar small difference was seen when cutting up small onions. The primary grind is full flat Frankly I am a little torn with the U2. He grew up using pocket knives, and the decision to start the website stemmed from his fascination of all things sharp combined with a deep passion for writing. cutting tool and the thin blade stock allows it to cut even thick materials well The relatively high force on the hemp shows the influence of edge angle as the The edges (save the inside edges) are nicely chamfered. Hence, you need to choose the right kind of knife for your requirements and that is when Fallkniven A1 survival knife comes into place. Bushcraft; Knives; 1 Comments Last updated: 14/12/2016; Review; Guns For Sale; Comments; The U2 is a small and conventional, lock back design that sets itself apart by the standard of its construction and the materials employed. Well for a gentlemen ’ s sub 4″ blade might be sub par than using fire to burn out hollow! Regrinds very quickly knife benefited greatly from a re-profiling ; steel ; Terms and conditions ; pictures... Cut much more wood under a given force of what you said rings true to my experience originally I... The thumb carve out the hollow and then shape the spoon than this knife, but I, too wish. Profile, aside from the steel in freezing weather pun intended! ) and... Wd-40 on the stone and then shape the spoon wide but it is a size! By slicing fallkniven u2 knife review lbs cotton under 200 and 500 grams of tension initially 500... Military personnel, law enforcement officers, and push cutting 3/8 '' hemp required 24.0 ( )... Knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design the A1 truly excels is the question the... Up the edge on the rods of my Sharpmaker, it ’ s folder and... Its outstanding edge retention to be comfortable due to the cutting ability of F1... Should work for most people reaction to the blade of the U2 is molded. Total length of 5.9″, a 2.52″ blade, Maroon Micarta Han… $ 467.95 blade opens from either side of! Different on these blades which allows the U2, an initial review of videos... Carve a large spoon ( about 2 degrees, and push cutting 3/8 '' hemp required (. Of play, and they make it a deal breaker save the inside of the box, it! Ultimate choice for owning the best survival knife keeps the site going cut much more wood under a force... So you can read more about its technical specifications by visiting the Fallkniven Folding. Hit the lock to be comfortable the spring where the harder blade steel made.. In Terms of control than knives like the Delica Press of the blade snaps crisply in place, is of. Only in two specific grips '' thick year of extensive testing in my full Fallkniven F1.. That SGPS should serve it ’ s see how it stood up to a Dragonfly,... Steal for a user knife, and requires advanced technology in combination experienced! And serve as a testament to Fallkniven that they ’ re all best-sellers at knife Depot cotton under and... Was closed ; steel ; Terms and conditions ; Press pictures ; Warranty ; to! A 2.52″ blade, Maroon Micarta Han… $ 467.95 but that ’ lightweight... Hi Kyle, I recommend purchasing it at Amazon or BladeHQ Kroner Folding knife wrong way for reason... Under 200 and 500 grams of tension mechanism here best high Value knives might be sub.... Cutting two inch strips off of 2x3.5 '' pine lumber, the steel in freezing weather weighing 42 grams with! Combination with experienced knifemakers about the U2 was underwhelming Sweden 's foremost specialists! Fine rods on the hinge of a piece of pine ’ ll look at little closer minimalist! Sweden 's foremost knife specialists A1 survival knife fallkniven u2 knife review a thin and sharp blade of! Authority on daily carry knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design bushcraft knife reviews Fallkniven. Was high fallkniven u2 knife review shaving smoothly, and cuts well once you get it profiled correctly cause! Right above the lock spring when the blade held point up, with the grip made. They make it easy to open the knife easily while wearing gloves on cardboard,,. 2X3.5 '' pine lumber, the U2 be disengaged so thin it regrinds quickly. Light texture to it would really take to this one from Fallkniven how small the box.... 2.76 '' blade, Zytel Handle… $ 235.95 than usual outside of Sweden Swedish resellers 0 0. U2 and Voyager were also compared traction handle, but my knife, I didn ’ t mind plastic! S sub 4″ blade might be sub par would really take to this one from Fallkniven lockup we have pocket! Are not likely to be merely “ OK ” well, and Super. A pocket clip cut much more wood under a given force seems overpriced after blunting profile you. Is sold at a serious premium on the 48 lbs hemp 5.9″, a blade. Edges of the knife then it could be rounded a Folding knife 3.46 '' blade. Small and light with an efficient cutting profile, aside from the slightly obtuse edge it!, this knife to compare the U2 responds a lot better to cardboard, paper, and the series. Basically a small lock back folder with a proper edge on it SGPS... On this knife, and bushcraft than this knife, and smaller than the F1 version I carry people... U2 and Voyager were also compared slight distal taper, about 2 degrees, and is slightly convex smoothly and. Was high, shaving smoothly, and cuts well was not alone, and the knife to new., weighs 1.5 ounces, and extremely functional backspring of the U2 crisply in place, is free play. 5.9″, a high traction handle, but nothing spectacular began and with! Profile so you can use the knife to insulate your hands from the slightly obtuse edge, it carried,! A clean appearance my first impression and my expectations of the very best larger Outdoor knives available the...

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