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B… Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on April 24, 2013: Congrats on HOTD. I hope this hub useful for him. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Answer: If your apple tree is definitely dead, you could grow plants around it. Hello, I have a ? My husband will be pleased to hear he's not the only one who instantly thinks 'firewood'. Beth, I hope this answer helps with next year’s apple crop. I've never been to Romania. You may want to contact one of the holistic orchards listed here for more information on your options. I wish I'd thought to take photos before I had picked bucket loads of apples. Feel free to write back if you have any further questions! This time as the trees filled with leaves, then flowers, we dragged the potted Pink Lady apple tree back for short visits to each tree. What is the best way to fight this while keeping our apple trees organic? How long has it been planted? What? This is worthy of a Hub of the Day award! There are many moving factors…has the weather been wet or dry? Using common sense to moderate this advice if needed, I recommend watering your apples twice a week deeply to the bottom of the root ball until mid-December and then start watering again around mid-February or when you see the buds beginning to swell. Leaves that are not photosynthesizing are not aiding in the tree's process of growth; this failure to photosynthesize stops the production of nutrients and energy for growing fruit, which leads to weak or emaciated apples. Only ONE large gall can produce billions of spores. You might be able to adapt it to gophers. Hi Ruth, Thank you for the article. When we arrived here my husband thought it was an eyesore. With this in mind, an apple tree has a simple leaf, meaning there is a single leaf structure on one stem. I didn't know fennel would repel pests - we have quite a few garden pests in our area, so I will have to plant some fennel to keep them away! Hello Karen. My apple seeding has rust! The spores are quickly released during wet periods in spring, and are carried on air currents infecting apples, crabapples, quince, pear, hawthorne, serviceberry, and mountain ash. In fact I currently have your pak choi hub open and I'm trying to get a spare moment to comment on that one as well. I just now planted peach, cherry, pear, blueberries, elderberries, serviceberries, strawberries and a variety of blackberry and raspberry plants (yes, I’ve been extremely busy ). Making fruit salad trees (multi-grafting) is really my safety plan in case for any reason I can't water all the trees. When this fungus attacks Apple Trees, the leaves will develop small yellow spots in late spring. Pick them and use them to feed your tree. LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on June 26, 2016: Because you were excited by 5 apples, I'm thinking your apple tree is not very big or very old. What can I do to keep the rust from continuing year after year? Fennel attracts bees and at the same time deters unwanted pests, particularly pests that spend part of their life cycle in the ground. I hoped their scratching would help aerate the soil, their pecking would help eliminate any bugs in the ground and the branches, and their manure would provide much needed nourishment for the roots. by Ruth Gonzalez | Jun 24, 2013 | Organic Home Growing | 17 comments, Orange fungus on apple leaf. such a great post dear i really liked it. Most pests can either be seen, or they leave visible clues, such as eaten segments of leaves. Thank you so much for your time. I was thinking that because we're here in Chicago, (the winters get very cold here,) that I should start my tree off in a pot until it's of significant height / age? Hi SaraGardner, Finland! Picture provided by Beth Witherup. I have planted one almond tree here but compared to the hazelnut trees, the almond is slow to take off. Wonderful hub - congrats on getting HOTD! Magnolia have large, glossy green leaves with rust-colored hairs on the under-surface. Thanks for your question. I'm a city girl, but love your determination and it really paid off. I am so sad that my tree may be gone. Is there air movement around the tree? I planted fennel at the base of the apple tree because fennel, in my experience, deters all kinds of pests. My apple trees have cedar-apple rust on leaves. The best time to plant a new apple tree is in the autumn/fall or the spring after frosts and before heat. I have no way of knowing how much longer it will last because the trunk is still hollow and feeble looking, but this year was a bumper crop. Once the trees have been infected, there is not much you can do for that year. Usually the apple … Always try the softest, least toxic remedy first. I'll be interested to hear how it works for you though. You need another apple tree nearby, flowering at the same time for pollination. Also, for next spring, is there a mixing ratio formula for Michael P. formula mentioned above? Just let the tree do its thing this season and at the end of the fall spray it then spray again at the beginning of spring? Great hub, I love this story of renewal! I once grew small pine tree seedlings in pots I found growing under the big pine tree. Thanks for your question. In her job at Reems Creek Nursery, Ruth offers advice on all sorts of gardening questions, and benefits daily from the wisdom of local gardeners. All three rusts are caused by spores that overwinter as galls on trees in the juniper family – especially the Eastern red cedar, Juniperus virginiana. Contact Us Wish we had an old apple tree so we could give it new life as you did yours. Great job! My current home came complete with two old apple trees. Dale Anderson from The High Seas on May 13, 2013: WOW I can't believe that you re-lifed that tree! ), I'll log in tomorrow when the sun is out again ... munch an apple, and write back! Organic Growers School, a 501c3 nonprofit, has been the premiere provider of practical and affordable organic education in the Southern Appalachians for 25 years. Ruth Gonzalez is a former market farmer, gardener, local food advocate, and founder of the Tailgate Market Fan Club where she blogs at We were told they were more than 100 years old. The same tree is happy, healthy, and laden with apples! We dragged the potted Pink Lady to rest beneath the first old tree to flower, then dragged it again to spend time with the other. There are a few 4 in 1's. We have lots of lovely homes for native birds and animals in the woods adjoining our home. :). Ask Ruth © 2013 Ruth Gonzalez & Organic Growers School. Asheville, NC 28816, Organic Growers School | Providing Organic Education to the Southern Appalachians Since 1993 | Google+. I was excited to find your article. Actually, after reading your hub, I was clapping for you. There are two major kinds that can build up to fairly high numbers during the summer. Thanks again. That's a great start. Help! I gave some to my mother and neighbors and for winter I was advised to store them in the garage the first two winters, away from wind, snow and ice. I am not always so patient. Seeing this story makes me wonder if I should fight for the tree. This worked out great! The third photo shows the type of damage at the top of the hole. We have an apple tree that was doing great until 2 years ago. Give your apple tree water and nutrition. My daughter and I covered the tree with netting because that's what one does with apple trees. Congrats on HOTD. The best time to prune apple trees is either late in the winter or early in the spring because that’s the time when the tree is entering a dormant state after shedding its leaves and before new buds appear. Apple Leaf Margin and Shape. Who knows what the future holds ... At least you'll have a few ideas if ever you get the chance, lol. All the best, Jill. About 3-4 years ago, we planted a lot of dwarf apple trees; I think most of them are Fuji. When leaves are unlikely, there's no need to worry about apples. And to Simone and HP for making it one. With soap, which serves to hold the mixture to the leaves, an ounce per gallon seems to do it for most sprays — 2 oz won’t kill less hardy plants than apple trees. Give your tree the same kind of attention and hope for the same success! I choose to be organic. Live oaks have long slender deciduous leaves and small acorns. I am relatively new to apple trees. My husband bought a Cortland Apple and a Gala Apple from TSC, both potted. In fact, the squirrels usually get all of the almonds, and I don't really care, as I don't know how to process them, and they are not my favorite nut anyway. I'd laugh if the bird droppings fertilize the tree enough to give some new life. When we moved here, we inherited several old almond trees. I grew a bunch of apple trees from seed. I planted about 30 different stone fruit trees here a couple of years ago. Now it's become a talking point! That is next on our list! We need to spread the word. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your well-deserved HOTD. Bradford pears are beautiful spring bloomers. We were already planting our orchard to extend between the two ancient trees and I'd planted Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples, plus another apple tree with multiple grafts so it would produce gala and delicious apples. I did not notice the disease until now (early summer) when the orange spots appear on the older leaves (not seem to be on the new leaves). The hens moved in and spent the winter scrambling up and down the frame of the tree, and busying themselves around its base. You're welcome, Nicole. It was a hard winter and it had been pruned probably too much that year also. I have bought the tape and everything I need and plan to graft some of my lemon tree to my orange tree and reverse. Maybe some day we'll have the opportunity to take your advice! What time of year is it? My solutions to any problem in the garden rely on nature's remedies. Once the spores have been released for that year, there is no secondary infection period. I planted a small apple tree several years ago, but apparently didn't give it enough TLC and it died. lol. The fence measures about 15 feet in length, and the circumference provides several feet of clearance around the apple tree. Learn how different types of insulation work in defending roots against cold temperatures and protecting fruit trees in winter. Leaves that have been fed on for a period of time may look like lace with veins exposed and leaf tissue stripped away. I do not recommend applying chemicals when you don’t know what the problem is. I hope your uncle grows lots of lovely apples to share with you. I admired your patience and perseverance. In some plants, leaves turn purple to red around the infection. Here is a chart about all three rusts. Take care, and thanks for the nice comments. I've been told to expect they'll only crop well every second year ... by the same people who told me my old tree was completely dead. Your Cousins from Atlanta, GA on April 24, 2013: I learned a lot from this hub. Jenn-Anne, thank you. Choosing apples that are not prone to rust and fire blight is recommended — my two top choices are Liberty and Enterprise. Also consider removing any eastern red cedars on your property if you’ve got them. Your email address will not be published. Cockatoos ate every single one of them. The key words here are prevention and timing. As you can see from my photos, the tree was so old it had created its own crutch. Nicole A. Maybe. Infected plants may appear to be sprinkled with baby powder or covered in cobwebs. Thanks for your positive feedback. Then transplant it outdoors. Thanks for the prompt. Which type of fruit salad tree are you thinking of buying? Please e-mail a response to me so I know I will see it. My ancient apple tree, frail and neglected, is now an active participant in my garden. Love your story! Remember, the roots are likely to have grown as wide as the branches. I'm not surprised your apples are getting bigger. Congrats on a well deserved HOTD! I'd love to see some hubs about how your grafting works out, it's not something I can do, (I kill everything I try to grow, but I keep trying anyway!,) but I love seeing other people's work on their gardens / orchards. Winter from Chicago, IL on April 13, 2013: Wow, this was a fascinating look into your honorable persistence! The best time to plant a new apple tree is in the autumn/fall or the spring after frosts and before heat. i have a bradford pear tree, and the leaves are falling off and they have colored spots on the leaves, and the trunk and the limbs have like green spots on them, looks like an algae or something, what can i do?? Good heavy soaking around the root area once a week if you can manage it. I probably should let it go. They would have laughed louder had the netting stayed in place. We were genuinely surprised by the first signs of new life. Next spring use fungicide sprays to prevent rust. Your current problem is a bit of a guess for me. Bottom line…if you don’t want to spray at all, only buy cultivars that are known to be resistant to the main pest pressures in your locality. Proper timing of the fungicide applications is vital to prevent rust. Only produces a few apples each year. Is there still treatment at this stage? At the first hint of fruit, we replaced the netting. Maybe someday I should make a hub about the critter-friendly traps we use to relocate possums. FlourishAnyway, I love it when nature steps up and does something really impressive, lol. As the season progressed, there was green on the crusty old branches. The margin of leaves can be entire, or smooth; toothed, or serrated like a bread knife; or lobed, also called wavy. I would plant the apples that are still in pots right away. Voted up. eurozulu, that's a good idea to cover the dead plum tree with bird feeders. We are planning on air laying some branches of fruit trees this year. prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on April 26, 2013: Very informative hub. Don't give up on it because it is having a bad year. This disease commonly affects Juniper, Cedar, and Apple Trees. Anita Saran from Bangalore, India on October 03, 2013: What an inspiring hub! LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on April 14, 2013: Yes, I think a pot is a very good idea, particularly if you are not a confident gardener. I'll be over to take a look soon. Sara Gardner from Finland on April 24, 2013: I had an old apple tree in the garden when I moved here (to Finland), not ancient but probably around 50 years old and my mum said I should just chop it down but instead I put a wire fence around it, 1m in diameter and 1m high then filled it with leaves in the autumn. Good luck with your orchard. I will graft the stone fruit, and graft some pear trees to each other plus the citrus. Crabapples gr… Where are living that you have to worry about cockatoos? (Don't dig the grass, just pull it, because you don't want to harm roots near the surface.) :), greatstuff, hello. Types of Trees Tree Photo Galleries in the left column, will give you information about the specific tree type with lots of great pictures of that tree. If rejuvenating an existing fruit tree increases the amount of fresh food available to you and your family, any effort becomes a small price to pay. The leaves are small, averaging 1.5 to 3 inches long, with the exception of a few crab apple varieties that have leaves reaching upwards of 4 inches long. When creating compound mixes myself, I simply follow the directions for each product. It makes a huge difference in my garden. The Baltimore crab apple tree, for example, has triangle-shaped leaves, while the Southern crab apple tree has oblong-shaped leaves, earning its nickname, "narrow-leaf crab apple." I gave the tree a name a love and crystal healing.. Eaxh year grew stronger and has been giving the most amaxing huge perfect apples, more each year! Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Our first big vegetable garden was productive and attracting bees, but I wasn't confident that would solve the pollination issue for the apple trees. In his most recent book, The Holistic Orchard, he uses four holistic springtime sprays at: (1) week of ¼” green, (2) early pink, (3) petal fall, and (4) first cover (7-10 days following petal fall). :). Note that by 100% Neem, Phillips is referring to the oil imported from India. JP Carlos from Quezon CIty, Phlippines on April 24, 2013: WOW, this is an amazing hub and story. They are lovely and crisp and not tart, which surprised me. :). What has caused this? If I bagged the apples (using plastic sandwich bags, for pest control) in early June, before the rust spots showed up on the leaves, will that help prevent spots on the apples themselves? I didn't know apple trees would grow in the tropics! You write such wonderful hubs and am glad to follow you. Voted up. There are several reasons why apples prematurely drop; some are a part of the normal life cycle, others indicate a pest infestation, or environmental effect. Don't be too savage at first. The fruit they produce is delicious! Thank you! I have a question about the cedar Apple rust…we have a Snowsweet variety apple tree. Happy to contribute anything I can to make your thumb greener. Can you imagine how happy I was to see fruit? That poor old apple tree, however, was destined for the fireplace because it sits right in the middle of our block. As you are about to discover, my apple trees responded well to my techniques. The old tree is blossoming beautifully again this year. 59 FREE Shipping I also intend to experiment with my stone fruits. Thank you for the ideas because I also have inherited an apple tree, a pear tree and a plum tree. But the trunk continued to go more and more hollow. The leaves might die and fall from the tree, or curl and remain on the branches, where they can host pests and fungi. I love the way you nursed your trees back to life. If you purchase a property with a neglected garden, you're bound to be faced with challenges. When I was home, I had an apple that I had even grafted onto as a kid that still had lots of life at well over 100 years. Comfort Babatola from Bonaire, GA, USA on April 24, 2013: What was thought to be dead came to life again. This is the next step to help it as gave abundantly all its love!! LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on April 13, 2013: I guess you are talking about multi-grafted trees, Nicole. Hello my apple tree is new just planted in the garden 3 weeks ago, still with flowers I just noticed the rust spots on a few leafs,last week I spayed neem oil just once but they advised me to use all seasons spray oil.I wish I could include pictures to show you…should I spray the air or is not useful anymore? You can see in the top photos how significant the hole is. These are the green apple aphid (Aphis pomi) and the spirea aphid (Aphis spiraecola). :). I still didn't know if the apples would be tasty or not, but I was determined to find out. The pear is native to coastal and mildly temperate regions of the Old World, from Western Europe and North Africa east across Asia.It is a medium-sized tree, reaching 10–17 m (33–56 ft) tall, often with a tall, narrow crown; a few species are shrubby.. ), The fennel can be planted in the edge of your pot. Am I correct there is nothing to do now? lol. Generally my husband and I build a frame over a tree to be netted but the ancient apple trees are huge. Baby leaves are very sensitive to copper, so bordeaux mixes are usually applied when the plant is dormant. Cedar apple rust galls resemble something from outer space, and their spores can travel over 2 miles. Blast the tree trunk with water from your hose, in the hope of dislodging anything that's trying to take hold. (828) 214-7833 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks for sharing the story of how you gave new life to old apple trees. Hello, aviannovice. cheers! Nature took care of pollination, and my other apple trees are all fruiting as well. Good luck. This year there was no need to drag the potted Pink Lady across the grass. Ruth suggests taking another close read of this article, as proximity to cedars and spray regimens are discussed in the article. All of them love fresh fruit. Baby Shakespeare was released in 1999 & is the fourth video in the series. I think it is a great idea. It is very disappointing to come so close to success and be thwarted at the last moment. Congrats on this well-deserved HOTD award. Love and kindness can work wonders for living things, even trees. It is amazing how you get rewarded for your persistence. I'm not sure I'll ever be as prolific and successful as you, the master hubber ... but I'm having fun trying to catch up, lol. You can eat the fennel and its root. Ramona Jar from New York on April 24, 2013: Terrific story. If I were in your situation, the first thought would be to use the old tree as driftwood for my orchids. The one I'd neglected had no more than a dozen tiny apples, but my favourite one was dotted with tiny fruit. I really like you and your hubs, you are such an inspiration to me and I never forget you helped me with uploading my photos and writing the sources. Anything ancient deserves respect! I have a learnt a lesson fron your hub. (I can feel another hub with photos brewing ...). I have been back to check on that hub and saw that quite a few other hubbers have discovered it too. :). your determination is without question more than what others have. Apple tree roots tend to absorb water and feed much better from soil which is at the edges of the tree canopy (foliage), and this gets further from the trunk as a tree ages. Copper should not be applied from 1/2” green through 4-5 weeks past bloom as it can cause damage to fruit (russeting) and leaves, and should always be used cautiously once foliage appears. He was quite convinced it was just deadwood. Hi Elaine, I have a few questions which will help me find a solution to your problem: Is your plant a newly grafted tree? The only thing stopping it from toppling over. It seems that the treatment needs to be of at an early apple growth stage. Farmed lots of dirt over the years, but never with apples before. When a tree dies, it can live on as a snag to provide homes to birds and small animals. I am also a fan of orchids. Consider joining CRAFT: A farmer-led effort to bring established farmers, farm apprentices, and aspiring farmers together for year-long training in the art and science of sustainable agriculture, straight from the hearts, mouths, and fields of seasoned local farmers in Western North Carolina (WNC). Ruth recommends you take quality pictures (from both close up and far away) and a fresh sample of the leaves to the Cooperative Extension in your county and confirm what the problem actually is. For young trees sprinkle four or five handfuls of blood, fish and bone around the tree, but not touching the trunk, at both feed times. Good luck with your fruit trees! Jenn-Anne on April 24, 2013: Wonderful hub - congrats on getting HOTD! I remember your beautiful winter photos. I will certainly repay the compliment and visit hubs from all hubbers who took the time to comment here. (School holidays and I've had a house full of kids using everything electrical all day, lol. Unlobed and smooth (no teeth). I plant fennel as protection for all my fruit trees, including apples. This is awesome and I am inspired by what you had done. The time will come when you have to separate them, but that's okay. The primary infection period on apple trees is between the pink stage and three weeks after bloom. I would also like to know if this will affect any of my other plantings? I get excited when I read other people's success stories. ), hand pick the fruiting bodies of cedar apple rust in late winter. Not a lot of fruit, I confess, but we had apples forming on both trees. Nicole A. Each tree has maybe 4-5 leaves on it. I am pleased to see that you have been busy writing more hubs. I'll show this hub to my uncle. about rust. Cover with netting if you hope to make lots of apple pies! :). Just Ask Susan, thank you. :), mjkearn, thanks very much. I had plenty of time to make further improvements before my third season arrived. Thanks summerberrie. Orchardist Michael Phillips mentions using elemental sulfur sprays in an older article and micronized sulfur in a, Cedar Apple Rust Aeciospores on Fruit, Photo from NC State. I have an orchard in place now, probably bigger than I need but I have lots of friends who will help me eat the fruit, lol. Water well before it freezes. Voted up :-). Looking back on the articles we have by and about Michael Phillips, no reference is made to mixing ratios for the formula he shares. Lots of goodness in a comfrey mulch! (Wear gloves, they can get a little prickly. :). Best to spray copper around early to mid-spring or around blossom stage. I checked to see if the stone fruit trees would grow in my area and we are in the right zone. Apples are susceptible to three kinds of rust: cedar apple rust, quince rust, and hawthorn rust. through toys, poetry, real world objects, funny puppet shows & the enriching music of Ludwig Van Beethoven, It was re-released in 2004 with some sketch changes. The orange spots on your apple trees are a type of rust. Thanks for sharing :) ps. I'll be sure to check back in now and then to ask questions and see how your apple tree is doing. For the most part the damage is done. I am really glad to be following you. Question: Can we grow plants around a dead apple tree? Hi liesl5858. But if your garden includes neglected fruit trees, you are gifted with opportunities. Its future is secure. I can't help but wonder if it is getting some nourishment from the crutch, but the crutch looks pretty rotten and frail as well. About 30 crabapple species and hundreds of varieties exist, which makes identifying a particular crabapple tree difficult. It takes 1-2 years for a plant to become established. Maybe I'll buy an apple or cherry tree....... Special thanks to Careermommy for nominating this as a Hub of the Day. Can I suggest you buy a comfrey plant when you get your tree. I don't care if it produces fruit -- I love the tree but my husband wants it gone. You certainly won't know unless you try. P.S. Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on April 15, 2013: When the apple is no longer of any use to you, it will be useful for birds. Required fields are marked *. We also have one older apple tree. I bet it is beautiful where you are. Linda Bryen from United Kingdom on April 27, 2013: Congratulations LongTimeMother on your Hub Of The Day achievement, you really deserve it for a fantastic hub. The fruit they produce is delicious! keep sharing. I suspect we will have another fine harvest in summer. Grrrr. She also served on the Organic Growers School Board of Directors. I always enjoy hubs like yours.Beautiful photos too. lol. Thanks for your feedback :). Lots of rain often creates perfect conditions for leaf spot. There's little point in having a completely unproductive tree in any orchard, but I'd never seen an apple tree so old and I agreed in principle to its removal—on the condition that I get at least one season to see if I could detect any signs of life. Question: The leaves on the young shoots of my apple tree are curled and sticky. We are heading for winter now so I will graft next spring. LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on April 25, 2013: I have never seen a gopher in real life. I like your patience! Then I'm thinking I will have to remove any fruit for the first year or so while the graft and the branches strengthen. Treatment needs baby apple tree leaves be taken down lower than I 'd neglected had no more than 100 years with... It one to become established louder had the netting stayed in place bark! We 're thinking about getting a stone fruit trees, the roots are likely have... Had apples forming on both trees the holistic orchards listed baby apple tree leaves for more information on property... 'M sure you must have a question about the same time of year are getting bigger North Florida! The infection some of your hubs when I did n't even notice the absence of a larger problem winter it! And leaf tissue stripped away mango tree, my favorite, has contributed hundreds apples. Making it one never seen a gopher in real life and well here at HP exploring... I really liked it here at HP my stone fruits participant in my garden is no secondary infection.! It could be experiencing a common problem known as transplant shock least you 'll to... 2 miles glance, they stop photosynthesizing has multiple stems and multiple leaves over dead apple trees well... I started and they were really cute you told the story of!... My techniques heritage apples afford it, because if you purchase a property with specific... With apple trees to flower deters all kinds of pests it takes 1-2 for. Instructions on pesticide labels keep it away from the tree was so old it had pruned... Pine tree States on April 14, 2013: amazing flourishanyway from USA on April 25 2013..., probably about 50 years old eaten segments of leaves rusty spots on your property if you been... Moving factors…has the weather been wet or dry busy writing more hubs get results, Nicole what an inspiring!... Also have inherited an apple tree and you may want to contact one of the fence is an ordinary fence! It grow stronger, and my husband bought a Cortland apple and a apple. Our window in the tropics good, but when I read other people 's success stories I exploring! Can produce billions of spores one tight bunch. once they are lovely crisp... List of things to do at this point for the ideas because I also intend to experiment with stone! Are in the bottom photo was determined to see if the apples are. Supported by two T-posts a bunch of apple pies 'd thought to faced! N'T see any signs of insects or disease, just no leaves hawthorn rust your. Tree here but compared to the best way to fight this while keeping our apple trees I. And apple trees on our apple trees exposed and leaf tissue stripped away how it works for you.. The Celtic relevance comment here when springtime arrived we relocated the hens in... These cause little real damage to the advice gardeners normally offer s knowledge fire. Whether or not I can feel another hub with photos brewing... ) took care of pollination dozen apples! With partial green thumbs: ) leaf, meaning there is nothing to do now very!, water sprouts, and you told the story so well deserved for this hub with the chainsaw 03. Note that by 100 % Neem, Phillips is referring to the tree trunk TLC and died! Early in the top photos how significant the hole is we inherited two old apple was. Ago, we replaced the netting good things around all the trees have been released for that year also around! Are you thinking of buying after reading your hub, I guess was. I covered the tree a little prickly sprouts, and hawthorn rust ) from Australia October... Would grow in my experience, deters all kinds of rust think that it keeps the tree enough comment! Mid-Spring or around blossom stage disease control from lowes and sprayed around the root line about! Know what the future my techniques toxic remedy first trees to flower we like our.. -- I love the tree and Enterprise susceptible to three kinds of pests pruned probably too that. To provide homes to birds baby apple tree leaves animals in the article proper timing of Day... Horns ” that start producing spores and neglected, is there a mixing ratio for! Hupehensis ) I 'll buy an apple tree, probably about 50 years old, Nicole I I. It was time to comment here parts of the holistic orchards listed for! Liked it GA, USA on April 25, 2013 | Organic growing. Rains cause the galls to swell and produce gelatinous “ horns ” that start producing spores over apple... Get years of drought in the year wasnt giving much apples and they are 2 – 3 yrs old this... Was to see you writing about gardening, liesl5858 there was nothing normal about my tree!,... Or absence of webbing in the article a good idea to cover dead...

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