Where do I go for support if something isn’t working?
Email Support@UnconventionalWisdomRadio.com

What is Facebook Connect?
Facebook Connect gives you a simple way to log in to Unconventional Wisdom Radio’s websites – including UnconventionalWisdomRadio.com –  using your Facebook account. While logged in, you can easily comment, rate and share videos with your friends.

How do I sign in using Facebook Connect?
Click the ‘Connect’ button in the top menu or click ‘Login’ and click the ‘Connect’ button there.
If you are not already logged in to Facebook, enter your Facebook login in the pop-up.
If you are already logged into Facebook, simply click the ‘Connect’ button in the pop-up.
The first time you connect, you can set preferences for what information you want to share with your friends on Facebook.

How do I sign in on subsequent visits to Unconventional Wisdom Radio’s websites?
Log in using your Facebook account as instructed above.

Does my activity on Unconventional Wisdom Radio’s sites post to my Facebook feed?
Once you comment or rate a Unconventional Wisdom Radio video, an option will pop-up in the middle of the screen to publish this item on Facebook. Click ‘Publish’ or ‘Skip’ to determine whether the activity posts to your feed.

How do I Facebook dis-Connect? (Or, how do I turn this off?)
If you just want to log out, simply click “log out”. To permanently unlink your Facebook account from Unconventional Wisdom Radio, do the following:
Login with Connect
Click ‘Profile’ in the top menu.
Click ‘Manage Account’ in the left menu.
Click the ‘This Community’ tab.
Click the ‘Disconnect From Unconventional Wisdom Radio’ link.
Click ‘Delete my Unconventional Wisdom Radio account and disconnect from Facebook’.

Why should I use Facebook Connect?
Facebook Connect makes it infinitely easier for you to log in to the Unconventional Wisdom Radio website. While logged in, you can easily comment, rate and share videos with your friends.

I already have a Unconventional Wisdom Radio account, can I link it with Facebook Connect?
Why yes you can!
Login using your Unconventional Wisdom Radio account.
Click ‘Profile’ in the top menu.
Click ‘Manage Account’ in the left menu.
Click the ‘This Community’ tab.
Login using Connect as above.

What is this Unconventional Wisdom Radio account you speak of? How can I get one?
To register a new Unconventional Wisdom Radio account:
Click ‘Sign Up’ in the top menu.
Enter your information and click ‘Continue’.
You will receive an e-mail verification.
Follow the link in the e-mail to confirm your account.

What is a plug-in?
Plug-ins are software modules which enhance your browser’s capabilities. The plug-ins for on this site allow your browser to display various types of audio or video content needed to fully appreciate UnconventionalWisdomRadio.com.

The Shockwave and Flash plug-ins enable you to view rich media content.


How can I find out what’s playing on Unconventional Wisdom Radio or when my favorite guest or show might air again?
Check out our site’s schedule. You can view today’s schedule and search upcoming air dates for your favorite guests and shows.

How can I be an audience member on a Unconventional Wisdom Radio show?
You may request free studio audience tickets to Unconventional Wisdom Radio. You must be 18 or over to attend.

How can I get more information about my favorite Unconventional Wisdom Radio guest?
Check out our Guests link for links, video clips and bios of your favorite comedians.

How can I obtain a copy of a show I saw on Unconventional Wisdom Radio?
Unless a program is available in the Unconventional Wisdom Radio online store, we do not accept requests from viewers to sell or distribute copies of any other programs.

Are Unconventional Wisdom Radio shows closed-captioned?
All of our original programming is closed-captioned.

If I still have questions, how can I contact Unconventional Wisdom Radio?
Before contacting us, please double-check the entire FAQ to make sure your question has not already been answered. We will not reply to e-mails regarding issues already answered in our FAQ.

If you send us postal mail we do not guarantee a response and be forewarned that we reserve the right to consider whatever you send – including but not limited to guest ideas, show ideas, any other ideas, jokes, skits, etc. – our property.