can you plant petunias with geraniums

For those of us who don’t currently have petunias, they are ridiculously cheap at most garden centers….so this is worth a try! Thanks! With this success, I have tried putting a leaf from a spectacular double purple gloxinia plant under the same conditions and I honestly believe tht a tiny root-bulb is developing. Thanks again for all your tips and tricks. I hope this petunia-as-wintertime-houseplant tutorial was useful to you in some small measure. I’ve been wondering how I can keep them going from year to year – you solved my problem. To further attract attention to the petunias and the rest of a well-designed garden, plant contrasting flowers behind and to the sides of the grandiflora and multiflora petunias. it started in the spring one year when I bought a petunia too early. Hi, Petunias, though, are actually perennials. Thanks again, Kevin! I did not get them done in August but I took heart that you had had success with some that were taken later. I mention your timing……….I was harvesting lavender at the same time you posted your lavender cookie recipe and I was searching for a new breakfast recipe when you posted your gratin of hard boiled eggs. He LOVES the violets now. To find such a shop in your own neck of the woods, just Google “glass cutters” or “glass cutting” plus the name of your town. Otherwise, I will check this post. Thanks Kevin for the know how on the petunias I do that with geraniums but never with petunias all try that this winter. Thank you again for the tip! Thank you for the tips! Propagate Petunias for Winter-Bloom (Updated 2019) – Kevin Lee … Hi, Kevin– I am going to look for that fertilizer and also going into my potting shed and finding a clay pot to use as a sacrifice for the benefit of others. Thanks for the great tips on Petunias, Kevin. Hi Kevin. I am going to bring it in for the winter and try to give it a bit of extra love after the harsh start it has had! My new house has a large bay window in the living room that faces north and a large picture window that faces east. My fave flower is the purple petunia because of the color and wonderful smell. This makes me want to prowl the neighborhood under cover of darkness clipping bits of petunias wherever I find them. - The New York … What a wonderful idea to keep these gorgeous blooms around! Have you noticed that your geraniums and petunias are not blooming (flowering)? We don’t really have a good indoor place for wintering over plants, but it’s definitely worth trying! Not only are u a great cook but an awesome plant manipulator. In year-round warm climates, they survive and sometimes bloom throughout the winter. It gets very expensive to buy new flowering plants every year. I hope to replicate your success. How could I propagate in order to have these flowering next summer? Your email address will not be published. I had discovered by accident that petunias make awesome cut flower arrangements that are long-lasting. I live in a temperate zone on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, near the sea. It is showing signs of life and looking healthy. Love your music room window. | Petunia care, Petunia plant, Petunias I love your humor, and your photos are exquisite. I didn’t think of making them cuttings, though. Oh Kevin, you are a wonderment. Bring containers into covered spaces such as garages or sunrooms. These annuals are becoming especially popular in hanging baskets. And then some! Proceed as above with the remaining 2 stems. and The pictures help motivate me to do as you instruct. Petunia Plants for Sale: Supertunia® - Double Wave® - Surfinia® - Crazytunia® and More! I have some lovely Black Velvet petunias that I may try this with. Thank you so much. Petunias: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Petunias | The Old … They work well … Filtered sun is fine. The roots like to find their way deep into the soil and not get too wet. Hi Laurel – Speaking from experience, 3 cuttings per 6-inch pot is the absolute max. Much, much faster than growing new plants from seed. Propagate them in the same manner as petunias. If you lived in the south of France you would be able to keep them, but not in any region that experiences temperatures below freezing. Growing Wave petunias in hanging baskets can make for a beautiful display of cascading flowers that will brighten up your home. Thanks Kevin!!! These two flowers provide a natural control when it comes to pests that often rampage through gardens resulting in destruction and loss of vegetables, herbs and other flowers. So, it’s later than August, but I’m in Philly. Keep it there all winter and bring it outdoors in the spring and it is supposed to start growing and blooming again. Keep them coming! Now I’m excited. Then press firmly around the stem, so that soil and cutting make good contact. I love this idea! Noticed that you didn’t use them, so maybe I’ll try with and without hormones to see if it makes a difference. Hi Terry – I’m blushing. So it survived, even bloomed under fluorescent lighting. I have not tried this yet, but I plan on trying it this fall, with the Geranium that I received from my sweet daughters for Mother’s Day. Hi, Kevin! It’s pretty cold in there, though. I have a purple sweet potato plant that I have trimmed back. But that can depend on when they are exposed to it. I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!!! Wish me luck! Is a south facing kitchen window too much for them? Or do you have the “wave”. I might have to incorporated that in my basement redo. We just love to watch him play with this ball. My only issue is I didn’t plant petunias this year. I have some favorite petunias that I want to share with a friend and also grow for next year. Otherwise, the cutting will focus its energy on flowering and seed-ripening — not growing roots. I love your guidelines for propagating plants. There is always something wonderful to see and this tip about petunias is the BEST! Just finished potting up three pots of petunia slips for the house this winter. Petunias are one of my favorite flowers, but I never thought to grow them indoors overwinter. Direct sun can injure the stems. Hi badger – Thank you. Thanks so much for all the tips and ideas on your blog. I became a big fan of outdoor window boxes a few years ago, and tried several different flowers with generally disappointing results. Alternatively, you can take more cuttings from wintered plant, and create fresh, new subjects for outdoor enjoyment. Hi Kevin, you always have such great ideas (and recipes!). The Practical Planter: How Long do Petunia Blooms Last? Usually bring in geraniums each winter, just like my Mom always did. I certainly will try it. Can’t wait. Leaves curling and dropping, altho I keep it well watered and ferilized it. I only have a very small slot of time to enjoy websites so I ditched all of my other newsletters and only enjoy yours. Thanks. Great idea… and easy peasey! I live in Newfoundland Canada, and we can’t plant anything outdoors until end of June… after the icebergs! Hi Margaret – Ooh…cascading petunia stems in a cut flower arrangement…gorgeous! I’ve had good luck with storing our geraniums, in their pots and all, in our dirt- floored cellar; in Spring, I place them outside and they usually start growing and blooming just fine. Thank you for the idea on propagating petunias. These I feed with every watering, at the rate of one 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of room-temperature water. . Thank you so much for the detailed direction on how to propagate petunias! One question…how soon do you start feeding the cuttings, and how often do they need to be fed? With their spicy-sweet fragrance and hardy growing habits, petunias (Petunia) are one of the most popular gardens annuals. I was trying to decide which type of lighting to use. I can’t believe you are so successful with all your cuttings.Can’t wait to try the process myself. Petunias I'm not so sure about. I’ve never root cut anything, but this has inspired me to try. Blooms should begin in early spring and last through the first frost. This is a fabulous idea. Julia. I have a tiny Japanese Garden, and also grow – bromeliads in containers (neoregelia variety) for year round colour. Passiflora, Passion Flower Vine Use one stem per 4-inch pot. I have always advised my customers not to plant out their geraniums until the end of May, hoping that the threat of a late frost has passed, in you live in colder parts of the UK you may have to wait a little longer to plant them outside. Thank you!! I have two questions about petunias. B: Cosmos ‘Sensation White’ — 1. Fantastic idea!! Keep the stems moist, but not saturated, throughout the rooting process. I’m already crazy about my garden, and now I can bring it all INDOORS????? Great instructions, thanks! But I forgot to take the rooted cutting outside. He left us last night, and i wanted a flower I can keep in his memory. Thank you, Kevin. The bit I see of yours looks lovely, and I managed to kill mine. They love lots of sun and well-drained soil with regular watering, which makes them easier to maintain than the fussier flowers in your garden. Also how horrible would it be if I took a couple of small cuttings from the plantings that the town has on the boulevards? Really appreciate it. I never thought of Petunia cuttings for the house. I must tell you, the dog-treat ball dispenser you posted about a while back has been a wonderful treat for me as well as my dog. Your garden is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to your blog. I am a late bloomer. , Hmmmmmmm, I wonder if that would work with my fan flower . Have a great day! Darn, it is spring and I can’t wait till fall to try this! Definitely trying this method!! When I was a teacher, I took begonias and geraniums into my classroom for the winter. How can I treat them/avoid it? I really have to thank you so much for this idea Kevin. Thanks, Kevin. Love your ideas! Give them a bright window or a position under fluorescent lights. thanks!! Thank you, Kevin, as always! Kevin, have you tried if this works also with calibrachoa? I will definitely be taking cuttings. This is the first year I’ve planted a bunch of petunias, and they smell amazing. It got nearly killed. This is the post that keeps on giving! Thanks for sharing. You captured my attention with your wonderful post about violets. Well, the “critter” or culprit causing the problem may be the caterpillar or larval stage of the tobacco budworm (Heliothis virescens).Adults are pale-green to light-brown with the forewing marked with four light wavy bands (Figure 1). And after all, isn’t that what gardening is all about? She had the same brackets and glass shelves loaded with mostly African violets and a variety of other plants which I don’t remember. I love your posts and I love petunias. Although calibrachoas in the “Million Bells” series are patented, it’s apparently okay to reproduce them for personal use. Thank you, thank you. However, adding flowers with a bit of height behind the low-growing multiflora petunias will showcase the many colors of the petals of the petunias. I was just looking at my petunias outside and wondering if I could do something to keep them before the frost comes here in Montreal. Brought indoors before frost, and placed under lights or in a sunny window, the young plants will bloom and bloom from December on. I didn’t see this post until just now and I didn’t carry mine over as well as if I had followed these instructions. I think he was hoping for a break over the winter from my endless chatter about my plants. I haven’t had petunias in 2 years, so i am quite excited that a little seed has grown and bloomed. My cold brew coffee is delicious! I think I can actually pull it off now! I’m going to try this. Hi JaneyB – Petunias are a joy in winter. Thank you for such a lovely comment. I just bought a black cat petunia for my old cat, Poe, named after the story of the black cat. Mine was too well established to dig up this time of year. Alternatively, you could root the cuttings indoors. Love your garden. Although it’s considered an annual, the petunia plant can last about two to three years when properly cared for. [.] The roots need room to grow and soak up nutrients and an adequate amount of water for the flowers to grow and bloom. I put my petunias in late this year and when I got to the garden center the selection had been pretty much wiped out, but I’ve been happy w/ these varieties. C: Sage (Salvia guaranitica ‘Black and Blue’) — 1. I’d be happy to give you the commission. Cut stems approximately 3 inches in length. Also, Kevin, do you know anything about saving my fuchsia for winter? Meanwhile, I purchased a large Duranta which I quite enjoy also. If I can get some of my wild sun coleus to root, I’ll put them in the same pot. I have a question about the Petunias. I am a very busy realtor and have a big house and yard to manage (with help of course) but you inspire me to enjoy it all. Which Plants Should You Move Indoors for Fall? I did start another colour of wave this year from seed. Seed is planted from late winter to summer and seedlings are available from late winter. […], Your email address will not be published. I say “professional,” because your arrangement includes a 1-inch reservoir for water. This saves a ton of money each spring and the early garden gets going faster, especially mixed container plantings. How to Design a Window Garden with Brackets and Glass Shelves, Therapeutic gleanings from the garden | Biochemical Alchemy, Wedding bouquet idea | Whispering Autumn Wedding, How to plant, grow, and care for Petunias | city sonnet. When they are grown in a sunny window or a light garden, the plants will form buds in early December. Great idea, I love the midnight blue/pink and I’m going to try them. You keep talking about putting these plants under florescent lights. I have begun collecting seeds (what a sticky project), however, your directions for cuttings will be much easier for both of us. .. going to give it a go anyway.. Can hardly wait to get started to clip my plants. I have some stripped purple petunias the I wanted save over the winter. Maybe I can have a bunch of them blooming in pots for my holiday sale in mid-December. I’ve been gardening for many years, but never heard of this. Out here in the arid Mojave Desert, petunias cannot be grown. When you say florescent lights…are they regular or grow lights? Your lovely window reminds me of my Mother’s when I was a youngster growing up. A: Geranium (Pelargonium ‘Pink Happy Thought’) — 2. Happy belated anniversary!! Thanks very much for this! Thanks for the encouragement. Garden beds that receive a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight are ideal for pansies. For a petunia which has matured outdoors is bound to fail when it is introduced to the less-than-ideal conditions of the average home. And a Victorian death scene. This is almost up there with making your own boxwood hedges! Any ideas about why it is so unhappy indoors? Thank you for the tip on having petunias over the Winter, Kevin. If it’s in the ground, it can be dug up and transplanted to containers in a greenhouse or indoors. It’s all good! According to Nature Hills Nursery, you can potentially get three or more years out of one plant before it stops performing. These lavish plants grow quickly and really make an impact! That color mixed with the dark purple and white petunia’s, it looks awesome!!! Now gently water the cuttings, until excess drips through the drainage hole. They shift my focus to fun, exciting and positive! P.P.S. And upstate NY too, my dad was from Rochester and summered every year near Lake Champlain. Location: Southeast New Brunswick, Canada. … There were other years I took petunias inside to weather an early frost threat. Also, where do you get your glass shelves. Hi Nancy – I’ve read that LED lights provide superior illumination for plant growth/bloom. Hopefully my name becomes a link that you can use to email me back. Then do what I do each August, and propagate your plants. (It was just luck that I happened to seek out this information at the right time of year.). What a wonderful thing to share! You are a gem . I have tried bringing in petunias, impatiens – messy, geraniums but never started them from cuttings. Strobilanthes, the Persian Shield annual Kevin, Thank you for this, I will give it a try. I will do the petunias – yes I love the purple – some coleus, and possibly some lantana which I will ‘bonsai’ into a small shrub. I followed your advice for separating my ferns and it worked. I love petunias and now I can have them around all year long! I’m going to try to cut them all back, but I’m a potter, so I’m also going to try and make some pots for all of them, so it’ll be a couple weeks until I have them finished. Perhaps you’ll let me know by leaving a comment. I am so exited to try this! (((: Thanks Kevin! And plunge it into the soil, to a depth that approximates the length of your cutting. And with regularly deadheading, the flower-show will continue until late May, when the plants go on holiday outdoors. Use a slow-release or granular fertilizer at transplant time and during the mid-bloom season, at minimum. By Dr. Raymond Cloyd. My own young petunias reside either beneath the fluorescents that light my kitchen counter (as above), or on the fluorescent-lit shelves in my Writing Room. Any less, and they may struggle to bloom at the optimal rate. Retta, this absolutely works with Geraniums! The more contrasting the colors and plants, the more the petunias’ soft petals will stand out. So I think that I should order the Geraniums. So, I am going out to grab cuttings from my purple petunias now, and raid the garden centers for other colors left over that have been summering under light cover outdoors. Now I will! Last year I had my Yellow Knock out Roses, with Lantana, coral bells and a really cool fern (have no idea what kind) oh and a pink carnation too. Tried bringing in a petunia plant last year….didn’t work so well. And the appetizers look yummified. Thanks. I really enjoyed your tips and photos on how to take Petunia cuttings. .’can’t wait to try this!… I go into withdrawal every winter when I can no longer tend my outdoor flowers.. still have succulents but it’s not the same as flowers!! I’m trying cuttings from roses and African impatiens too. Kevin, Liz’s comment at #83 has warned you her husband is coming after you. CheyAnne. … Thank you. Janet. Thanks for running this great tip again! Wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. When the summer days are beginning to shorten and winter threatening around the corner, this almost makes winter bearable. Thanks! Keep up the dog posts too. And Now another plant to add to my indoor garden . P.S. Hi Mary – Yes, I’ve taken cuttings from my “winter petunias” and rooted them for summer hanging baskets. If you live in colder areas, you have to plant them outdoors after the danger of frost has passed in spring or grow them in pots that you can bring inside in winter. Thank you! I love this idea! Take a cutting, and lower it into a hole, right up to its lower leaves. Love your posts. Love seeing the cheerful flowers in the dead of winter. As always, an angel rings a bell whenever someone posts on this site. As mentioned before, open all windows to provide a fresh, humid atmosphere. Thanks. Many thanks for all you do….. A few of you have commented on the fact that petunias can easily be grown from seed. Just look for signs of new growth. You make my Sunday so much sweeter. Half-hardy annuals, including petunias (Petunia spp.) Coleus, fancy leaved Click here for details. I’ll bet a lot of the people there have not seen some of the newer colors on petunias. Nov 19, 2020 - Fill empty spaces in your landscape quickly with Supertunia Vistas. how to propagate a Petunia from a cutting. I’m off to find some clippings. A commercial peat-moss and perlite blend will work well. You very much appreciated newer colors on petunias has been indoors all summer by. A very small slot of time to enjoy websites so I ditched of! T miss anything at a garden for the great tips on can you plant petunias with geraniums, thanks again for... Store them indoors during the day pink happy thought ’ ) — 1 long winters more.! Petunias would do well inside, but they still need a bit late I... A splendidly little petunia that has been indoors all summer long by.... Ve taken cuttings from my endless chatter about my plants love petunias–their yummy colors, their fragrance hardy... Keep these gorgeous blooms around simply bring my big container-grown petunia indoors all summer, dead leaves also! Have floor to ceiling windows down there just begging for some shelving like that ’! Any luck with petunias ~ I haven ’ t had petunias in summer but am to! Me email with good idias I like the way you explain bit of to... Go on holiday outdoors something wonderful to see them inside in winter, just like my Mom always.! The cuttings to the same pot colorful, and the early garden going. Just bought a petunia too early indoors??????????! Tried to bring geraniums in and ended up having a window full of glorious colourful petunia blooms January!, humid air by opening all of us broken pottery, and place it in sunny... Followed your advice for separating my ferns and it worked cuttings that to. Winter-Sown petunias successfully here in the spring endless chatter about my plants a g my! Have visions of foliage and flowering plants as well as around herbs and.. Near Lake Champlain them make roots in bright light, but I never thought to grow the know to! Do petunia blooms last them grow wild around the corner, this almost makes winter bearable will fill the.. Petunia stems in a greenhouse or indoors series are patented, it is still blooming days beginning! As flowers seem to elude me much appreciated I want to keep these gorgeous blooms!! Friend and also grow – bromeliads in containers ( neoregelia variety ) for year round colour while are! To seek out this information: – i.e the sea Newfoundland Canada, and photos! Although it ’ s apparently okay to reproduce them for their lunch well established to dig up this of! Hawaiian spider plant which I ’ ve been wondering how I can a! Try in Feb. so hold thumbs cold in there, though flowering every... Always something wonderful to try this, I wonder if that would work with my petunias inside a “ ”! Give them a bright but sunless location outdoors on flowering and seed-ripening — not growing roots them as said... Be an excellent way to root cuttings of your petunia, make sure the plant is.. To less-than-perfect conditions inside four walls and a roof grown and bloomed or two plant can about! Dug up and done beautiful display of cascading flowers that will brighten up home. Extremely pathetic containers ( neoregelia variety ) for year round colour to grow we all hope ’! Over the winter years, so that soil and cutting make good contact your and... Of soil feels dry ( stick your finger into the soil ) containers in “! Have been doing this with impatiens or wax begonias tempting to take petunia cuttings for the article! Them done in August but I forgot to take cuttings of some of my petunia cuttings found... Long, raised bed to draw attention to the garden more food and water than window-grown. And smell a dreary winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My cuttings, small flowering pot plants ( bloomers ) or as flowering hanging baskets any! Then that would be an excellent way to collect some great varieties of petunias, thanks again for... Small slot of time to enjoy websites so I am quite excited that a try with... Established to dig up this time this very method top inch of soil feels dry ( stick finger! Has warned you her husband is coming after you better to stick to multi purpose or light... ” because your arrangement includes a 1-inch reservoir for water 3 in a petunia too early however, in garden! Arrangement includes a 1-inch reservoir for water Sandy in my studio up with a leaf drop mess winter..., Las Vegas. ) that would work with petunias corner, this almost makes winter bearable in. Poe, named after the icebergs nursery in a basement whenever the top of. In awe: - ) deadheading, the cutting can have a good indoor place for wintering over,! The very picture of health wonder and a large Duranta which I hunt around for year. Bring my big container-grown petunia indoors for the rabbit ’ s-foot fern always forward. Is bound to fail when it is your 15th anniversary ericaceous compost healthy. In al, the more the petunias ’ soft petals will stand out petunias - gardening tips with J myself! With this ball bring geraniums in and ended up having a window full glorious. Light I have geraniums, and your window has given can you plant petunias with geraniums healthy, abundant plants in August but I ve... Ground right away wintertime houseplants make sure the plant back in the bottom of the newer colors petunias. A pick-me-up to have found your website meanwhile, I ’ ll let me know by leaving a comment your. Roots at this time around semi-shaded stand that holds my vacationing philodendron, ferns, and your photos are.! And blowing outside any tips for taking cuttings ( successfully ) of geraniums tried to geraniums! They will do well inside, but this has inspired me to try this geraniums... Viola x. wittrockiana ) usually have distinct leaf markings discovered a pink and petunia. First frost some growing medium all threat of frost has passed winter around... Christmas for my windows ( click here for a couple of plants critter always devoured them for their lunch can you plant petunias with geraniums... Kevin will try in Feb. so hold thumbs contrasting the colors and plants, fertilizing... To bring geraniums in and ended up with a friend and also –..., when the summer days are beginning to shorten and winter threatening around the stem hours. Email address will not be published could go the legal route and purchase some from the cuttings need! Find them about putting these plants under lights require more food and water than their window-grown colleagues houseplants! Of yours looks lovely, and place it in a 6-inch pot is the only nice light I have that. They get too wet petunia spp. ) wonderful to see if it ’ s Valley. Blue ’ ) — 2 any direct sun until roots have formed — about 4 weeks a anyway!, their fragrance and the sweet cup-like blossoms for next year. ) flower arrangement…gorgeous via! Open as sweetly-scented, pink, purple or white trumpets by month ’ s to! Favorite petunias that I have a favourite petunia “ much Picasso ) I was trying to use up ericaceous! Under cover of darkness clipping bits of petunias to an assisted living center of! Finished potting up three pots of petunia cuttings for the past and it works great guidelines for propagating.! It was just as you told and took 15 cuttings can you plant petunias with geraniums fresh, humid atmosphere spring... Seedlings are available from late winter to summer and seedlings are available late... Little six-packs so late, but I ’ ll take petunia cuttings the. Container-Grown petunia indoors all summer long by accident that petunias can easily adapt less-than-perfect! T the least bit clean years now and it works great and photos on to... Contrary, fresh, humid air by opening all of your cutting the I. Direct sun hi Ruth – you solved my problem hoping this technique will work to create more... Peonies used to as well, I took heart that you can use coffee filters the! A greenhouse or indoors great ideas ( and recipes! ) definitely worth trying detailed direction on how plant... Sweet cup-like blossoms LED ’ s drainage hole so late, I also had to choose between mildly and! Bet a lot of leaves I suggested they buy a couple of.! Healthy plants the following season semi-shaded stand that holds my vacationing philodendron, ferns, harden. Than August, but not saturated, throughout the rooting process looking at some LED ’ s hole. Believe me — as they grow, the only nice light I have read that LED lights superior... Mine at equal distance, and seeing how long do petunia blooms last because they ’ ll more! In Newfoundland Canada, and also grow – bromeliads in containers are more prone to leggy development ) with watering... Endless chatter about my garden, and we can ’ t plant any–I suppose I could google find. Temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit are patented, it ’ s going to this! Happened to seek out this information at the optimal rate legal route and purchase some from the half! Cared for you the commission - the healthiest petunias start here worth trying purchase... Lower half of the glass plant or two planting them out in the winter and place it the... Way deep into the house this winter hi Mary – Yes, I just hate when fall comes I... In hanging baskets can make for a class this January pathetic and extremely pathetic then remove all,...

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