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2013-01-18: The ups and downs of Lithium

With Boeing 787s grounded, it’s time to learn more about lithium. You might be surprised how versatile this element is.

2013-01-17: Dan Wagner, Dems data hero

What Republicans — and businesspeople — can learn from the success of the Democrats in 2012

2013-01-16: A beef with food

This food thing has Larry on a roll (so to speak). Pork bung for calamari, escolar for white tuna, horse Read More...

2013-01-15: Obesity can be fattening

Larry finds an official definition of obesity but is it useful? For example, if you’re obese, does that mean you’re Read More...

2013-01-14: Whole truth about whole grains

What exactly is whole grain? If you trust one source you’ll be eating more sugars and calories. Larry shines the Read More...

2013-01-11: Got the flu?

Feelin’ good? You could be a menace to society.

2013-01-09: Faith in America

Who or what stinks worse than Congress? A recent poll finds out and restores my faith in America.

2013-01-08: Not an orphan

Orphans, doctor planets, and coming to grips with not being unique

2013-01-07: Light show

2013: Two Fridays the 13th, two comets visible from Earth. It’s gonna be a good year.

2013-01-04: A new trick for getting good grades

A new study which an unexpected twist shows how to get good grades